HISTORY of the Aerolite 103



The  Aerolite 103 was designed by long-time   aviation enthusiast Terry  Raber, in 1996.  Everyone in the   Ultralight and Light sport  industry knows Terry.  The vast   majority of the light aircraft  flying use his Streamline Strut   Fairings and Stainless Exhaust  Brackets (both of which he   designed back in 1993).  

In  the early 1990's, Terry was   building and selling ultralights, but   he always felt the perfect plane had not yet been designed.  Not    being one to settle for second best, he carefully studied   the  best features of each ultralight.    Eventually, he put all the  pieces together with his own   refinements to produce the Aerolite  103.  The first prototype   Aerolite 103 flew on October 6, 1996.   Testing continued while   building the production prototype and the  Aerolite 103 debuted   at Oshkosh in 1997.    The Aerolite 103 was  appropriately awarded the ultimate   prize of Grand Champion  Ultralight.  Since   that day, the design has gone on to win multiple  awards   over the years. 

Between  1997 and 2012, Terry produced   hundreds of Aerolite 103's.  The  aircraft has always been   extremely popular and highly regarded by  both experienced and   newer pilots alike.

In  2012, Terry made the difficult decision   to pursue other  non-aviation business interests and decided it   was time for the  Aerolite 103 design to have a new home.    Terry contacted U-FLY-IT  Light Sport Aircraft's owner, Dennis   Carley to inquire if he had an  interest in carrying on the   manufacturing of the Aerolite.  After a  brief, yet very   productive conversation,  plans were implemented  to   facilitate the relocation of the Aerolite production facility to    U-FLY-IT's base of operation in DeLand, Florida.

Dennis  also has an extensive history of   building and flying  Ultralight/Light Sport Aircraft.  He   too has received Grand  Champion and other awards for his   craftsmanship that has been  exhibited.  Having built over   100 Ultralight and Experimental  aircraft in the past 20 years,   he was well suited and the perfect  person to carry on with the   production of the Aerolite 103.  While  working in the   capacity as a DAR, Dennis issued hundreds of  airworthiness   certificates to all types of Ultralight, Experimental  and   homebuilt aircraft.  He has consistently regarded the   Aerolite as one of the best designed and most rugged light   aircraft  ever produced.

Production  of the Aerolite 103 continues   to adhere to the highest aviation  standards, delivering years of   safe pleasure flying to those who  own or fly one.  It is   arguably the best value of any Ultralight  Aircraft available!






                                       Type Legal Part-103 Ultralight   

                                          Configuration Single Place 

  Empty Weight      235 lbs 

 Gross Weight 600 lbs.  

  Length 16 ft. 3.25 in. 

  Wing Span 26 ft. 10.25 in. 

  Wing Area 121 sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 450 Lbs. 3.72 lbs / sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 500 Lbs. 4.13 lbs / sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 550 Lbs. 4.54 lbs / sq. ft. 

 Wing Loading @ Max Gross Weight 4.96 lbs / sq. ft. 

  Design Load Limits @ Gross Weight +4 / -2  

 Engine Power Requirements 28 hp.-50 hp.  

 Propeller Max. Diameter 60 in   

 Stall Speed, Flaps Extended 26 mph

 Stall Speed, Clean 28 mph 

 Cruise Speed (2) 45-63 mph   

 Top Speed 63 mph 

 Rate Of Climb 500 - 1000 fpm   

 Sink Rate 350-400 fpm.  

 Roll Rate 45° to 45° bank / 2.5 seconds  

 Take Off Distance 100-200 ft.   

 Landing Distance 100-200 ft.  

 Fuel Capacity 5 U.S. Gallons   

Endurance 1.5-2.5 hours   

Fuel Consumption 2-4.5 US Gallons / hour   Range 80-120 miles         

Limitations &   V-Speeds 

  Vne (never   exceed) 70 mph.   

Va   (design maneuvering speed) 50 mph.   

Vfe  (max   flaps extended) 70 mph.  

 Vy  (best   rate of climb) 45 mph.   

Vx (best   angle of climb) 40 mph.  

 Vs  (stall,   flaps retracted) 28 mph  

 Vs  (stall,   flaps extended) 26 mph 

 Vr  (rotation   speed) 30 mph.  

 Max. Crosswind Component 15 mph

 Max. Wind Speed 25 mph. 

 Max. Bank Angle 45° 

 Max. Pitch Angle 30°