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6" wheels with Hydralic brakes.

Grand Rapids engine monitor with Airspeed, Altimeter, and rate of climb. 

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Culver wood prop.

40 Hp Hirth 2702


Hirth had a price increase . This engine was purchased before increase, so increase in price not charged on this aircraft.

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50 hp Hirth F23 going on this one, with Grand Rapids EIS.

Aerolight 103 Assembly Preview Video

                                                                          Build Series Preview Video

Aerolight 103 Assembly videos


Aerolite Assembly Videos Links

Vertical Fin                       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ8FT0yrMOI

Horizontal Stabilizer       https://youtu.be/9oKLavMfzqg

Elevators / Rudder         https://youtu.be/bczwmXwNWcI  

Aileron / Flap Covering  https://youtu.be/n46V7_aw5qE                       

Wing Assembly               https://youtu.be/Axv6fZsL4gI 

Wing Covering                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI2TpkusLho&t=6s 

Tail Assembly                   https://youtu.be/hujJmhC8NtY                                       

Windscreen/Nose cone  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIMUiB9cTD0&t=11s

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Video Links

Informative Interview with Dan Johnson at Sun-N-Fun, 2013

Oshkosh 2018 interview


Building an Aerolite 103 

Video #1 Horz. Stabilizer



What is an Ultralight?

Federal Aviation Regulation called Part 103

In the U.S., flying an ultralight doesn't require a license or a medical certificate of any kind, providing the aircraft meets the Federal Aviation Regulation called Part 103. Part 103 defines an ultralight as an aircraft that meets the following criteria:





Max. Empty Weight (Powered Aircraft)

254 lbs


Max. Empty Weight (Unpowered Aircraft)

155 lbs


Max. Fuel Capacity

5 Gallons


Max. Speed @ Full Power

55 knots (63 mph)


Max. Stall Speed (Power Off)  24 knots (27.6 mph)

If the aircraft has more than 1-seat or exceeds any of the above criteria, it's not an ultralight, and thus not eligible for operation under Part 103.

These are the legal rules by which we fly; they are the most lenient in the world. These privileges, however, carry responsibilities: while there are no specific legal requirements, ultralight pilots must be trained just like any other pilot.

HISTORY of the Aerolite 103



The  Aerolite 103 was designed by long-time   aviation enthusiast Terry  Raber, in 1996.  Everyone in the   Ultralight and Light sport  industry knows Terry.  The vast   majority of the light aircraft  flying use his Streamline Strut   Fairings and Stainless Exhaust  Brackets (both of which he   designed back in 1993).  

In  the early 1990's, Terry was   building and selling ultralights, but   he always felt the perfect plane had not yet been designed.  Not    being one to settle for second best, he carefully studied   the  best features of each ultralight.    Eventually, he put all the  pieces together with his own   refinements to produce the Aerolite  103.  The first prototype   Aerolite 103 flew on October 6, 1996.   Testing continued while   building the production prototype and the  Aerolite 103 debuted   at Oshkosh in 1997.    The Aerolite 103 was  appropriately awarded the ultimate   prize of Grand Champion  Ultralight.  Since   that day, the design has gone on to win multiple  awards   over the years. 

Between  1997 and 2012, Terry produced   hundreds of Aerolite 103's.  The  aircraft has always been   extremely popular and highly regarded by  both experienced and   newer pilots alike.

In  2012, Terry made the difficult decision   to pursue other  non-aviation business interests and decided it   was time for the  Aerolite 103 design to have a new home.    Terry contacted U-FLY-IT  Light Sport Aircraft's owner, Dennis   Carley to inquire if he had an  interest in carrying on the   manufacturing of the Aerolite.  After a  brief, yet very   productive conversation,  plans were implemented  to   facilitate the relocation of the Aerolite production facility to    U-FLY-IT's base of operation in DeLand, Florida.

Dennis  also has an extensive history of   building and flying  Ultralight/Light Sport Aircraft.  He   too has received Grand  Champion and other awards for his   craftsmanship that has been  exhibited.  Having built over   100 Ultralight and Experimental  aircraft in the past 20 years,   he was well suited and the perfect  person to carry on with the   production of the Aerolite 103.  While  working in the   capacity as a DAR, Dennis issued hundreds of  airworthiness   certificates to all types of Ultralight, Experimental  and   homebuilt aircraft.  He has consistently regarded the   Aerolite as one of the best designed and most rugged light   aircraft  ever produced.

Production  of the Aerolite 103 continues   to adhere to the highest aviation  standards, delivering years of   safe pleasure flying to those who  own or fly one.  It is   arguably the best value of any Ultralight  Aircraft available!






                                       Type Legal Part-103 Ultralight   

                                          Configuration Single Place 

  Empty Weight      235 lbs 

 Gross Weight 600 lbs.  

  Length 16 ft. 3.25 in. 

  Wing Span 26 ft. 10.25 in. 

  Wing Area 121 sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 450 Lbs. 3.72 lbs / sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 500 Lbs. 4.13 lbs / sq. ft.  

 Wing Loading @ 550 Lbs. 4.54 lbs / sq. ft. 

 Wing Loading @ Max Gross Weight 4.96 lbs / sq. ft. 

  Design Load Limits @ Gross Weight +4 / -2  

 Engine Power Requirements 28 hp.-50 hp.  

 Propeller Max. Diameter 60 in   

 Stall Speed, Flaps Extended 26 mph

 Stall Speed, Clean 28 mph 

 Cruise Speed (2) 45-63 mph   

 Top Speed 63 mph 

 Rate Of Climb 500 - 1000 fpm   

 Sink Rate 350-400 fpm.  

 Roll Rate 45° to 45° bank / 2.5 seconds  

 Take Off Distance 100-200 ft.   

 Landing Distance 100-200 ft.  

 Fuel Capacity 5 U.S. Gallons   

Endurance 1.5-2.5 hours   

Fuel Consumption 2-4.5 US Gallons / hour   Range 80-120 miles         

Limitations &   V-Speeds 

  Vne (never   exceed) 70 mph.   

Va   (design maneuvering speed) 50 mph.   

Vfe  (max   flaps extended) 70 mph.  

 Vy  (best   rate of climb) 45 mph.   

Vx (best   angle of climb) 40 mph.  

 Vs  (stall,   flaps retracted) 28 mph  

 Vs  (stall,   flaps extended) 26 mph 

 Vr  (rotation   speed) 30 mph.  

 Max. Crosswind Component 15 mph

 Max. Wind Speed 25 mph. 

 Max. Bank Angle 45° 

 Max. Pitch Angle 30° 

Aerolite 103 colors




Choose colors from link below


Hirth Aircraft Engines

F-33 2 cycle 28hp


  View more detailed information 

F-33 2 cycle 28hp

One little powerhouse of an engine. At only 35 lbs. this is one of the lightest singles you'll find anywhere. With 25ft. lbs. of torque, this engine packs enough punch to spin up the large props on your backpack parachute, tryke or legal 103 ultralight. Factory recommended TBO is rated at 1000 Hrs. @ 75% power. Standard equipment includes fuel pump, spark plugs, air filter, recoil starter, complete exhaust system and dual CDI ignition for added reliability. When ordered with optional electric start the starter solenoid and voltage rectifier/regulator are included. Standard mounting is plate type from bottom of engine. 


Engine Type:

2 cycle, single cylinder


15hp @ 6000rpm


19ft.lbs @ 6000rpm

Free air cooled  

F-23 2 cycle 50hp



View more detailed information

F-23 2 cycle 50hp

If you prefer an opposed cylinder engine, then this one's for you. The F-23 puts out an amazing 50hp at only 6150 rpm and provides 42ft/lbs. of torque. All with a total weight of only 84 Lbs.. This engine can handle any part 103 ultralight and most single seat experimentals. Opposed pistons cancel out each others internal inertia forces resulting in an amazingly smooth running engine.

Engine Type:Opposed - 2 cycle, two cylinderHorsepower:50hp @ 6150rpmTorque:42ft.lbs @ 6150rpmCooling:
Free air Cooled by prop blast 

2702 2 cycle 40hp


  View more detailed information 

2702 2 cycle 40hp

The 2702 is our small high torque low RPM engine. Like it's big brother, the 3202 it's a low RPM powerhouse, at an incredible 5500 rpm this little engine is producing 40hp and it's pumping out 39ft/lbs of torque at only 4500 rpm. The Hirth 2702 is ideal for single seat ultralight aircraft.

Engine Type:2 cycle, two cylinderHorsepower:40hp @ 5500rpmTorque:39ft.lbs @ 4500rpmCooling:
Optional, fan cooled or free air cooled by prop 






Buying a used Aerolite?

What you need to know.

 By Dennis Carley

 The only thing you can do to make sure it is as advertised is GO INSPECT IT, or hire someone to go inspect it for you. The aircraft you are looking at may be fine…but there is no way to tell for sure without seeing it.

I have lost track of the number of times guys have bought an aircraft sight-unseen, and ended up spending more on it than they would have if they had bought a new one. We have 2 big parts orders going out this week, both to guys who bought a used aircraft only to find that they needed to replace several airframe components before they would be safe to fly.

One other consideration when looking at used Aerolites is what year it was manufactured. The older models had a different wing panel, rear lift strut attachment, flap system, landing gear, etc., and have 100 pounds less maximum gross weight than the current version. There have also been many updates to the design since the original versions were produced. Additionally, the older design was never load tested. The updated (current) airframe has been (you can see the results and pics on our website). There is nothing inherently wrong with the older models, but they are not structurally the same as the current ones we produce. That is something a potential buyer should consider when choosing an older or new model, especially if the empty weight of the older aircraft is high due to a larger engine or other added accessories.

Lastly, it is worth every penny a buyer spends on having their aircraft transported properly. Again, I can tell you countless stores of guys buying light aircraft (an Aerolite and virtually every other model) and hiring someone to move it that either had no experience moving light aircraft, or did not have the proper equipment to move it. I have had customers send movers to our factory to pick up their brand new Aerolite, and we knew the moment the aircraft left here that it was going to be damaged before it made it 100 miles down the road. I have had customers call me up virtually in tears when their new plane arrived, only to see it damaged from being improperly transported. We can make a recommendation for transport if you need it, or give you info on how to set your trailer up to move it if you are going to move it yourself.




18 ounces




Ultralight Series 2 Blade S-Prop!

Complete  Propeller Assembly

Weighing in at only 4.8lbs!

16 o u n c e s


 More Power, Better Economy, Less weight, Low Mass Moment of Inertia, Abrasion Resistant Leading Edge 


No more protractors!







STANDARD 3 BLADE...$1,200.00

73.0 INCH  3 BLADE...$1,200.00

STANDARD 5 BLADE...$1,935.00

73.0 INCH  5 BLADE...$2,035.00

63.3 INCH  2 BLADE...$789.00

About Hayes Aero

Back to my aviation roots



     Back in the 70's after playing around with hang gliders for awhile ultralights attracted my attention.  The Glider Rider publication started having stories about the Easy Riser and Quicksilver weight shift hang gliders.  They were adding go cart engines to become the first ultralights.  Many other manufactures were soon to follow.  This quickly got my attention as I saw it as an affordable way to get   into aviation with my minimum wage salary as an EMT.  Reading all that I could find about ultralights and watching the classified ads I found an Easy Riser ultralight with a 10 hp engine for sale nearby.  I purchased the ultralight and started looking for some advice on how to fly it.

    I found a local ultralight club at Almont Airport, The Almont Flyers and joined the group.  I was quickly talked out of trying to fly the Easy Riser and purchased a damaged SR1 Hornet biplane ultralight to rebuild.  Thus began the start of my aircraft building bug that I haven't been able to shake!

The Almont Flyers club disbanded and many of the members joined The Michigan Ultralight Association (MULA) as I did.  I also wanted to expand my options by getting my private pilots license which I did at Big Beaver Airport in Troy. Michigan.  Making many new friends and attending local and national ultralight fly-ins was a lot of fun in my low and slow ultralights.

   After owning, building and repairing many ultralights, I became a Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) for ultralights when the Part 103 training exemption came out.  I trained many pilots to fly in my Quicksilver and Rans S-12 ultralight trainers, always enjoying the look on there faces when they mastered another task.

   The 103 exemption went away along with the ability to train new students in a two place ultralight.

The new affordable (???) way to fly and get training had arrived with the new Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot's license.  Other opportunities came with the Light Sport rules;  receiving my Light Sport Repairman certificate, getting all of the Rotax ratings that I could, and becoming a Light Sport CFI.  I then started Hayes Aero LLC.

    I went to Rans Aircraft in Hays Kansas to see about building ELSA Rans S-19's.  I purchased a kit and built the first Rans ELSA S-19.  Thus becoming a Rans dealer and builder.  The flight school at the airport I was working out of had two of my Rans trainers in it, a Rans S-6 and S-7.  Students and instructors were looking for something with a little more general aviation look to train in.  With that in mind I purchased a Sling 2 from The Airplane Factory.  Along with two of the instructors we started Midwest Sky Sports. The business took off quickly!  We were soon building SLSA aircraft and doing builder assist.  

    Looking to slow down and spend more time with family and grandkids I sold my portion of the business to my partners. 

    The comeback of interest in affordable ultralights reignited my passion for the experience of the low and slow flight.  It didn't take long to see all of the attention that the Aerolite 103 was getting.  After   doing my research I discovered a reputable company (Aerolite 103, LLC) with a quality product.  I contacted the manufacturer Dennis Carly about becoming a dealer.   After purchasing a display trailer full of kits I am now an Aerolite 103 dealer!

    Coming back to my aviation roots... I look forward to being a part of the comeback and interest of affordable fun low and slow flying of ultralight aircraft!

Rick Hayes

Hayes Aero LLCLLC


Jenny Replica plans built by Rick Hayes



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