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Larger Seat Option for more Leg and Head room

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14 year old's Flight to Oshkosh 2019

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Sun n Fun 2019

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What is an Ultralight?

Federal Aviation Regulation called Part 103

In the U.S., flying an ultralight doesn't require a license or a medical certificate of any kind, providing the aircraft meets the Federal Aviation Regulation called Part 103. Part 103 defines an ultralight as an aircraft that meets the following criteria:





Max. Empty Weight (Powered Aircraft)

254 lbs


Max. Empty Weight (Unpowered Aircraft)

155 lbs


Max. Fuel Capacity

5 Gallons


Max. Speed @ Full Power

55 knots (63 mph)


Max. Stall Speed (Power Off)  24 knots (27.6 mph)

If the aircraft has more than 1-seat or exceeds any of the above criteria, it's not an ultralight, and thus not eligible for operation under Part 103.

These are the legal rules by which we fly; they are the most lenient in the world. These privileges, however, carry responsibilities: while there are no specific legal requirements, ultralight pilots must be trained just like any other pilot.

Aerolite 103 Factory tour 2019

Video Recorded after Sun n Fun 2019 while picking up Kits to bring back to Michigan.

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Sun n Fun 2019

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